!Bad code! No biscuit

Important guidelines for bad programming – success granted!

 I do hope no one writes this down…all told with good humor….



This important guide is a MUST for both beginners and advance programmers. There are plenty of guides out there that explain how programmers should write good and effective code, it's about time that someone (me) explain how you can program really BAD, in order to leave a long-lasting impression for future generations and of course to your brother programmers that maintain the code you leave behind.

Since this post is for all my readers (hi mom) I've included tips for the advanced and beginner programmer.

Definition of Variables

A great place to start. First make sure that all variables are global (this is logical and convenient, that way they are concentrated in one place). Absolutely no need to initialize them,

for advanced programmer: Use local variables with the same name as global one. (Remember: consistency is the name of the game)

Variable Names

You should always give meaningful names. Especially those who do not say anything about the variant. 

For Beginners: Use long names like:

string MyLocalBankPhoneNumberWithoutCountryPrefix1; 

 if you are advanced programmer: Use the short version for this variable name (recommended and saves space):

string MLBP; 


A classic example of insignificant and waste of time. Advanced programmers: don't use remark, all is clear. For the beginner programmer: Put lots of comments including those that don't contribute anything or repeat exactly what it appears:

i++;  // Increment I by one.

Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste are your true friend in programming, do you like a long and impressive code? want to give a sense that you have worked hard? Remember, repetitive code is familiar and comfortable . By the same rule you should avoid loops, functions, or anything else that could prevent this important principle.


Validating user input is not necessary, it just complicates the code. If the user entered an incorrect value and the system is down – its his fault. What did he expect? Advanced programmer: Avoid unnecessary addressing the database, the user can enter the same information again every time.


No need. No Time. a the user can do the checks. he will tell you if something is wrong.

User Interface

Let Be creative, Let the designer in you grow! make unique interface on each screen. Avoid using familiar controls, familiar functionality or anything that would limit your inner self. Small fonts and buttons always blessed.


Ok, I think that the main issues, I do hope no one writes the crap, all told with humor. Personally, I'm not saying I never had some bad coding. I think everyone at some stage did it. dont forget:

Good decisions comes from good experience, Good experience comes from bad decisions…

Waiting for your responses and supplement

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